Upcoming Events


Pictures will be covered for all teams over three days (see calendar). The following teams will be at the dates and times below. We will meet at the Southwest corner of South Mission Beach near the bathrooms. If you follow the map and directions all the way to the large parking lot and walk towards the water you should see us. Please feel free to call (541) 520-4024 if you need help finding the location.

 Team Picture Schedule

Saturday, January 17th Sunday, January 18th Saturday, January 31st
2:30- 14's Jon
3:00- 14's Sarina
3:30- 14's Mia
4:00- 17's Paul
2:30- 14's Katie
3:00- 15's Amanda
3:30- 15's Law
4:00- 12's Audra
2:30- 16's Donna
3:00- 18's Dillon
3:30- 16's Peter
4:00- Individual Make-Ups*


Sports Psychology Class

Tuesday, February 3rd, 6-7pm @ Francis Parker



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